Western Sydney based writer Yumna Kassab will be completing an artist residency at The Lock-Up while working towards the development of a new manuscript.


Artist Sarah Mosca will undertake a research and production residency at The Lock-Up, whilst working on ‘An Anthology of the Wind,’ a major collaboration with Newcastle-based artist Lottie Consalvo. This site-specific video and sound installation is a major commission for the newly-built Multi-Arts Pavilion MIMA, Museum of Art & Culture Lake Macquarie, Yapang presented in Autumn, 2022.


Australian UK based artist Sam Smith’s hypnotic installations in his solo exhibition ELEMENTS, interweave the complex relationships between nature, the built environment and its connection to human existence through a collection of moving images, sculptural forms and sound.

Inspired by the beauty and fragility of humanity juxtaposed against the backdrop of industrialised landscapes, SCAR presents a series dance-on-film installations scattered throughout the colonial architecture of The Lock-Up.

A group exhibition featuring artists Akil Ahamat, Emma Fielden, Dean Cross, Izabela Pluta, Aude Parichot and Tane Andrew. Curated by Anna May Kirk and Tai Mitsuji.

Back again for 2022, The Lock Up’s fundraising exhibition COLLECT is your chance to see and invest in work by some of the best artists in the Hunter and beyond.

Promise the Earth is the next in a five-part exhibition series launched two years ago at The Lock-Up. Curated by Meryl Ryan and Naomi Riddle, each exhibition takes one of the elements – water, earth, fire, air and æther (the post internet realm) – as its defining feature.

CREATION is a new religion, manifesting in spectacle and intimacy. A faith, a gathering of intention and purpose with which to face an era when paid opinion trumps environmental evidence. CREATION proposes a crowd-sourced belief system teeming with pleasures and possibilities.

A group exhibition featuring artists Lucas Abela, Kalanjay Dhir, Oliver Harlan and Meng-Yu Yan and newly commissioned works by Billy Bain, Tiyan Baker and EJ Son.


Artist Alex Seton will be utilising this residency to complete initial research and planning for his solo exhibition at The Lock-Up in 2022.

Artist Rebecca Selleck discusses her work in an online lecture presented by TafeNSW, The Lock-Up and Experimenta.

An online lecture with artist Dr Helen Pynor presented in collaboration with The University of Newcastle, The Lock-Up and Experimenta.

Join us for the opening of EXPERIMENTA LIFE FORMS featuring experimental music by Keith Urban Karaoke, Alzheimer Blanks, XNoBBQXX and Defektro.

Join exhibition co- curator Lubi Thomas and artists Rebecca Selleck, Thomas Marcusson and Helen Pynor for a panel discussion.

The mix of fine vocals accompanied by guitars, ukuleles, cello, trumpet and keys leads the women of Kit Silver to bring an authenticity that is raw and refreshing

Join us at The Lock-Up an artist talk and closing drinks for the exhibition INSIDE ELANDS.

Join the Australian String Quartet as they play bars, behind bars at The Lock-Up!

Choreographer Israel Aloni will be completing a residency at The Lock-Up as part of the Catapult Choreographic Dance Hub’s PROPEL residency program.

IN YOUR FACE Choreographer: Israel Aloni Catapult Propel Choreographic Residency

Open invitation to the LOUD SKY community consultation meeting.

Heart Open explores themes of regeneration and resilience with live music, dance, discussion and performance.

FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY is a group show exploring the subjectivity, privilege and hidden cost of security.

Bringing together a spectrum of voices, this panel will discuss child sexual abuse within religious institutions, the power and protection provided to the perpetrators, and the ongoing trauma for victims, survivors and their families.

Curator and artist Halinka Orszulok is coming to The Lock-Up as an artist in residence to install her latest curatorial project FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

Back again for 2021, The Lock-Up’s fundraising exhibition COLLECT is your chance to see and invest in work by some of the best artists in the Hunter and beyond.

EXPERIMENTA returns to The Lock-Up with their 8th national touring exhibition EXPERIMENTA LIFE FORMS exploring how biological and artificial life are challenging human-centric thinking.

FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY artist Giselle Stanborough comes to The Lock-Up for her performance lecture Social / Updates / Forums / Promotions / Trash

Pony Express are collaborating on Epoch Wars, a large-scale, immersive project, presented in partnership with New Annual and The Lock-Up

INSIDE ELANDS explores the poetics of place, architectural space and landscape memoir through local archives, moving image and sound, painting, writing and expanded photography.



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